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Not every photographer is lucky enough to call Hawaii his or her studio. The Islands provide some of the most dramatic and beautiful backdrops for a wedding, family portrait, or event. From lush tropical rainforests, to expansive sunsets, being a Hawaii photographer on the island of Oahu is certainly living Aloha (the breath of life).

While it may be a little premature to start pulling out the Christmas ornaments, it is time to reveal new Fall / Winter handbag lines. Free Endearment certainly has a sophisticated line up for this season, with really easy going out bags. I hate when you go to an event or club and you are stuck with a massive purse on your shoulder. Its almost like a whole other entity swinging around smacking people when you dance on the dance floor. Which is why I was so excited to see these small yet functional bags. They include a wristlet, a clutch, and a cross body. Check out her site to see how you can order your new handbag for this fall!

As a photographer, sometimes you have to get a little creative with locations… Trying to get some more urban backgrounds for this shoot was a pretty tall order shooting on Big Island. Lucky for me, my beautiful model Angelica Andersen has no fear of a little Guerrilla photography.

Free Endearment model in front of Free Sign

We started out sneaking in to the Fairmont Orchid in Waikoloa and were lucky enough to find a courtyard all to ourselves! The key is to walk in like you own the place, which is exactly what we did. In Oahu, hotel security can spot you a mile away with a big camera and equipment, but we were able to shoot uninterrupted! Its the simple things in life, I love how relaxed Big Island can be!
Model holding Free Endearment Clutch Model holding blue free endearment purseModels holding Free Endearment Handbags

Another location we totally scored was at Three Fat Pigs at the Kings Shops in Waikoloa Village. Its a newer gastropub owned by Ippy Aiona. For those of you who aren’t addicted to Food Network, Ippy is a local chef who made it as a finalist in last seasons Food Network Star television show. Luckily Angelica just happened to know him and he was totally cool with us using his upstairs lounge area as our own personal studio. Thank you to Ippy and Three Fat Pigs, its a delicious restaurant with tons of fun events, including burlesque night! See, it helps to do a favor, you get free promotion!

Fashion photography at three fat pigs hawaii

Or when you decide to sneak onto someones private property and sit on their rusty old Cadillac…

Handbag model posing on car

destination photography long exposure portrait

yoga instructor portrait in tree pose

I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to do some long exposure portrait photography on the Vegas Strip. Yoga instructor Molly McLaughlin had the idea to contrast yoga to the hustle and bustle, sex, money and consumerism that Las Vegas embodies. Using a long exposure on my camera really allowed me to capture the idea behind the photograph. I was able to show, in most photos, a whirl of activity of people coming and going. I have to hand it to the girl, she was a champ as far as holding her asanas completely still which was necessary to get a clear portrait of her during the long exposures. In order to help capture her a little bit better we had a flash camera right and slightly behind her to hopefully stop any motion that she might make, as well as highlight her, as she was facing a dark street. In the end, I think we got some really unique shots.

destination photography long exposure

long exposure portrait of yoga instructor on Las Vegas strip

destination photography long exposure



Aug 16, 2013

Jaclyn Morse, owner of Free Endearment in Los Angeles, commissioned me to shoot several of her spring / summer handbag line for her new Lookbook. Now, I am a handbag girl, and these handbags are where its at. Premium leather and dyes, sturdy hardware, in season colors that pop! I actually own a few of the bags myself, and their functionality is as much a blessing as their beauty. So of course, for this fashion shoot, I wanted to show how upscale they were, but also portray them as a practical summer bag.

We began the day early at Lanikai Beach in Kailua with the “Drew, Dana and Kristel,” Handbags. I love shooting on the east side of Oahu in the early morning sunrise. Not only does that help get that early morning light, but it helps to avoid the crowds of onlookers and people sneaking into shots as well.


Fashion photography for Free Endearment Handbags  Fashion Photography of model at beach for lookbook. Fashion Photography of model at beach for lookbook.Fashion shoot at Lanikai Beach

After around 10 a.m. the sun started getting high in the sky, which can cause ugly shadows across a models face. Even though the light is high contrast and harsh, we were able to get flattering lighting on our models face by turning her face upwards towards the sun. This gave the pictures a lot of contrast and pop, which is really popular in fashion photography these days. It also helped emphasize the crocodile imprint on the bag which is an important feature to highlight.

Model lies holding Free Endearment Bag on Pali Hwy Fashion shot of model holding handbagFashion shot of model holding handbag

Towards the end of the day, we made our way to Waikiki. The sun rises over the east side of the island, and sets over to the far end of Waikiki, so once again its a great opportunity to capture that soft lighting. I wanted to depart from the beach scene and show the purses as great companions for city life as well. We photographed at the Modern located in the Harbor of Waikiki. Here we were able to get some upscale cityscape backgrounds without filtering in to the Waikiki crowds. As a photographer, I love having opportunities to do something different, which fashion photography innately is. Special thanks to Angelica Anderson for being an amazing model! Also, please check out Free Endearments newest line of bags at Jaclyn Morse is an excellent designer with an eye for beauty and functionality.

Fashion model holding handbag at Modern Hotel Waikiki  Fashion model holding handbag at Modern Hotel WaikikiModel holding clutch at Modern Hotel, Oahu Kailua Fashion Shoot for Free Endearment