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Not every photographer is lucky enough to call Hawaii his or her studio. The Islands provide some of the most dramatic and beautiful backdrops for a wedding, family portrait, or event. From lush tropical rainforests, to expansive sunsets, being a Hawaii photographer on the island of Oahu is certainly living Aloha (the breath of life).

Kailua Sunrise Family Portraits

After shooting this early morning portrait session at Lanikai Beach I couldn’t wait to get it home and into my computer! Not only was the Cowan family an absolute delight to shoot with but it was also one of those absolutely epic mornings in Kailua. Just enough clouds to create a stunning sunrise and cast beautiful soft light onto my subject matter. Less people out, less wind (most the time) and beautiful soft light, this is why I pull my clients out of bed at he crack of dawn, its worth it!

Not only were the elements perfect, but so was the Cowan family. Clients like them make my job so easy and enjoyable. Everyone was happy and eager to take some fun and lasting memories in Hawaii. They totally rocked it and I am so excited to hand over an exceptional collection to them. Just another day of work, lucky we live Hawaii!

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