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Not every photographer is lucky enough to call Hawaii his or her studio. The Islands provide some of the most dramatic and beautiful backdrops for a wedding, family portrait, or event. From lush tropical rainforests, to expansive sunsets, being a Hawaii photographer on the island of Oahu is certainly living Aloha (the breath of life).

Portrait photography of child running through field

On a recent trip to Big Island I was fortunate to book a few photography sessions. I am truly in love with the Big Island. It has every single backdrop you could possibly imagine for an outdoor shoot. Hawaii, or the Big Island, has 8 of the 13 climate zones, all easily accessible in a few hour long drive. There is the tropical forests of Southern Hilo, the desert (and literally it looks like the moon) of north Kailua-Kona, and even some tundra at the tops of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. This particular shoot Kiana wanted her and her daughter to be photographed on the golden rolling hills of South Kohala. Since it was close to home she has a lot of love for this area and had been envisioning it for a long time. She even had scouted the perfect spot. Now I adore working on Oahu but rarely do I get the privacy and grandeur of shooting miles of rolling slopes with monstrous volcanoes on the horizon. I was stoked!

Since we started about an hour and a half before sunset, we had lots of time to settle in and get comfortable with each other. It didn’t take long for Anu’s personality to come out full throttle. I was lucky my new camera was able to keep up with her! It was a particularly blustery day but I dont think there is anyone it could have worked better for, Anuhea was a whirlwind herself. I tried to just let her do her thing and see what I could get from it I was really happy with the results.

young child is windswept by hawaii breezes in golden hills Child gazes softly at photographer in Kohala grasses Daughter nestles into mothers lap tenderly mother and daughter look softly at photographer

Candid Child photography on Big Island

Hawaii girl flops in the golden kohala grass

Love this shot of little Anuhea. I really feel like it captures her mischievous personality.

family photo of mom and daughter on hawaii coast Mother and Daughter photo on the upper hills of kohala with mauna loa candid photo of hawaii child playing on the hawaii coastYoung girl flops over doing yoga Yoga portrait of young girl on coast of hawaii portrait of a young girl walking the golden hills of hawaii Mother holds daughter on the coast of Kohala Hawaii